Our Europhile wine selection focuses on grower-producers from across Italy, Spain, France and Eastern Europe, as well as Oregon vintners with an Old World approach. We believe that great wine has a place at every table, so our shelves are stocked with bottles for all budgets and occasions, from milestone celebrations to holiday festivities to weeknight dinners. You'll find Piemontese reds, volcanic island whites, bold Rioja, light-bodied vins de soifs, and Willamette Valley bottles that go beyond Pinot (though we have plenty those, as well). Pastaworks also boasts Portland's widest selections of sherry, vermouth, and aromatized wines—and we're always happy to help you navigate the alluring and complex flavors of these special bottles.

You can also discover new wines through our beloved Vino Club, a monthly selection of our wine stewards' current favorites. With options for "everyday" or "premium" bottles, there are always new regions, varietals, and cuvées to explore.